National TV


Gran Hermano (Big Brother)

The most popular TV show format in the world.

Santiago Del Moro is the host that leads the most important show in the country, where participants compete to be chosen as the victor by the audience. Airing on Telefe.

PH Podemos Hablar (Can We Talk)

Andy Kusnetzoff - Saturdays 22:00

A guest show that gathers six relevant figures of Argentine reality that would otherwise never get together a Saturday night.

Corta por Lozano

Verónica Lozano – Monday through Friday, 13:20

Verónica Lozano analyzes current topics, joined by a panel of renowned specialists. Interviews, fun sketches, services and a therapy session with celebrities.

A la Barbarossa

Hosted by Georgina Barbarossa, Monday through Friday, 9:30am - 11:30am

A magazine of cooking and current day news

El Trece

The 8 Steps

Every night on El Trece, hosted by Guido Kaczka

Every day, a millionaire prize is raffled for the winner. Questions are asked, and as the participant answers correctly, they climb up a step. The one who can defeat the other participants and manages to reach the eighth step wins the prize.

Welcome On Board

Hosted by Laurita Fernandez

Every afternoon on Channel 13, a show in which the audience competes for extraordinary prizes.

Us In The Morning

A magazine and news show. Monday through Friday, 9am to 10:30am

Every morning, Joaquín "El Pollo" Álvarez, along with a group of journalists and panelists, joins us with all the current events and news of the day.

Bien de Mañana

Fabian Doman y equipo

El informativo que necesitas ver para arrancar el dia

Canal 9

El Show Del Problema (The Problem Show)

Nicolás Magaldi – Monday through Friday, 13:20

During the pandemic we stray a bit from the Talk-show and we focus on the main news about the topic that has the whole world worried.

The Recipes of the Cooking School

The afternoons get filled with flavor

Jimena Monteverde, Mariana Corbetta, Coco Carreño and Paco Almeida share their main recipes so you can cook with ingredients that you have in your home.


Polemica en el Bar

Marcela Tinayre conduce este clásico formato

Acompañada de coluministas e invitados