Por amarte así



Francisco is a remarkable and notable professional. Life presented a big chal- lenge the most difficult case: defend a woman, Luz, she disconnected her dying husband from the machine that kept him alive. Luz will count with Francisco as her attorney in law. She wants to be judged by applying to her husband the “euthanasia” also called worthy dead. As a faithful and loving wife full of pain because of her husband’s suffering Luz took care of him until the last day when she accepts Javier’s request and disconnects him. Then she ends up in jail. In one hand Francisco is a rich and successful man he has everything. On the other hand his life is empty. His marriage with Fatima is almost over so when he accepts Luz thinking he is facing a great challenge in fact he will be challenging his own heart by giving the chance to love again. Mercedes is Francisco and Fatima’s daughter. She is the only reason for the marriage to stay together and also the fact that Francisco work’s in his father in law firm. Mercedes is a spoiled but good girl. She has strong values from her childhood that will be broken one wild night with alcohol and drugs in Joaquin’s apartment (her boyfriend). She leaves Joaquin’s place driving like crazy and in a car crash he wounds Manuel, a young promising football star that was about to be hired by the famous football team of Spain Barcelona Football Club. Manuel ends up in a wheelchair with his life destroyed. Mercedes will carry the guilt. Her mother and boyfriend, the two villains will manipulate Mercedes to remain in silence about the accident as the only way of moving on. Manuel will fight to move on in a wheelchair with a future that went from brilliant to uncertain. Mercedes will meet Manuel and without telling him she is the reason he is on a wheelchair. In despite of everything they will fall in love. Destiny will make Manuel and Mercedes fall in love and at the same time they hate each other in dreams because of the car crush. He will fight for his new love and case letting a simple but beautiful woman enters to his life to love him forever. On the other side Manuel and Mercedes will prove that love and hate are parts of the same scale without knowing finally to which side is going to come down.

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