Mi amor mi amor



Juan is about to turn 40. He is an organized, honest man, who co-owns a lock- smith business with his friend Eddie, located in the neighborhood where he grew up. Juan spends his free time working as a volunteer fireman. He takes care of his sister Flavia and her teenage kids – both financially and emotionally - and his father Manuel, who lives in a nursing home. Juan has been in a relationship with Valeria for the past few years. She is young, full of energy, a big support, and a great partner for him. But there is one thing missing: Juan dreams of having a child. Valeria thinks that it is not the right time, and that she has too many things to do before becoming a mother. In the midst of a fire, Juan meets Laly: an elementary school teacher who was cheated on by her boyfriend. While being rescued, Laly confessed to him, a total stranger, that she only wanted to stay alive to have the chance to be a mother. Nothing else matters to her. Juan saves her life, and she falls madly in love with him. Despite all attempts to the contrary, Juan falls in love with her too.

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