La dueña



Mirtha Legrand makes her return to scripted television in the role of Sofía Ponte, an entrepreneurial businesswoman, who used her cosmetics line to build a powerful empire, and transform herself into an international symbol of sophisti- cation and elegance. After many years of hard work Sofia starts to feel like it is time for her to step aside, to delegate control of her business, and to enjoy life in a different way. Her plan hits a snag when she begins to search for her successor. She is not close to her family, the natural heirs to her company. She feels like she doesn’t really know them, doesn’t know what they think, how they really feel. She knows that this is partly her fault; due to the way she spoiled them. She develops an intri- cate plan to get close to them again. The plan not only highlights her cunning, it also allows her to find out who is who amongst the members of her family. Her children, grandchildren, and the rest of her extended family will find themselves tangled up in her game, with the stage set so that it will force them to expose their real interests, giving her all the information she needs to make a decision, because she’s the boss. However, as the family starts to play Sofía’s game, they unexpectedly will turn over stones that she hadn’t planned on touching. Old conflicts will be reignited and new ones will arise. Old stories will gain new life, others will end, and in the middle of everything a new love story will begin to grow. Sofia’s granddaughter Amparo, whose parents died in a plane accident, will meet Félix, who will turn out to be the son of the pilot who also lost his life in the accident. Félix hides his true identity when he starts to work at Sofía’s company, in order to be able to get closer to her and investigate his father’s death, which he suspects was not an accident. Under these circumstances, the story becomes complex and feelings will become conflicted as the truth is revealed.

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