Escorts is a tangling comedy about four characters with only one thing in common: being broke. They gather to create an Escorts Agency as a promise for economic stability and personal development. They are: a man who becomes a “housewife” due to his wife’s success in business, an independent philosopher (Professor in Philosophy and Literature), a man who knows all the secrets of life, but for some odd reason keeps on failing in every business he tries, and finally a strange young man who lives in the streets and who is added to this funny group by the other three. The escorts are stubborn, yet honest and persistent. They have been punished by a crisis, which has affected them in a very particular way. Step by step, the escorts experience the feeling of escorting different types of women, in several circumstances, holding on to their new identities even when that means loosing their reputation. Their work activities will put them in the place of man of company for a group of friends looking for some action, or innocent reading partners of a lady who is only willing to calm her loneliness and the anguish of the years going by. Escorts is, above all, a family comedy, with touches of folk, adding some crazy wildness in each episode. Escorts deserves to be enjoyed with the entire family.

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