Doble venganza



Vera Pedraza is a young civil engineer who works in a factory. After a business trip she finds out her psychiatrist, Gonzalo Brizuela, married her mother, becoming her stepfather. Dr. Gonzalo Brizuela has a marriage for convenience with Antonia, a millionaire widow, many years older than him. Vera will do everything in her power to save her mother from that evil man who is only looking for money, power and will become her worst enemy. Gonzalo, together with Doctors Ismael and Pablo Hasan will become – thanks to Antonia’s money – the new owners of the emblematic Saravia Clinic – former clinic of Dr. Leonardo Saravia, who had died in very unclear circumstances -. These three men will buy the clinic for a dark project, which will be revealed as the story develops. Manuel Ferrer is a young promising lawyer, who is going through a hard time due to corruption in both, political and legal systems, which wouldn’t let him prove Dr. Saravia’s death was a murder instead of an accident. Fate makes Manuel and Vera meet, getting together to fight for truth and justice, while developing a romantic relationship. On the other hand, Dr. Marcela Rosenthal – surgeon and ex lover of late Dr. Saravia – receives a phone call from the Hasan brothers to work at the clinic. What she doesn’t know is that the Hasan brothers will use her controversial past – as well as her husband’s – to serve their evil plans. Caught in a kidnap, Vera manages to escape and meets Toscana, an old woman with a big disgrace in her life, owner of a car dismantler, involved in the criminal world. This dismantler will become the base for dirty operations and for Vera a base for important information. There is where Vera meets Nelson, a young man who sells car parts and will be involved with her in a relationship.

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